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Paints and Chemical Removal

At Clear Space Junk Removal, we take care of just about everything that can clutter your space, including infamous and hard to dispose of paints and chemicals that a lot of other removalist companies don't accept. Paints and chemicals are one of those items that is easy to get stuck with after a remodel or even just from projects around the house over the years, and often times the paint and chemicals we have leftover will take up space in a garage or shed for years. It can really stack up, and fast. If you need a paint or chemical removal for your home or your business, then give us a call!


We accept both latex and oil-based paints, provided that they are fully sealed shut, clearly labeled with original markings, and not leaking/punctured. Most places will only accept either latex or oil but with us you can get rid of both with no hassle. After a paint removal we go straight to the recyclers to assure it gets taken care of responsibly and safely every time. Better yet, if you fully dry your paints before we come to clear your space then we can pass the savings on to you and dispose of it as if it were junk and not messy paints with complex recycling processes. If you deal with a lot of paints and they are starting to stack up, or even if you just need to get rid of last year's colors, give us a call and let us clear space for your home or business!


Often times, chemicals can be one of the hardest items to properly dispose of, because there are so few hazardous waste centers, and they aren't always open. So, before you call, be sure that you know what is and isn't chemical or hazardous waste. It will always be labeled with warning signs, and if that's not enough to tell, you can always check the ingredients list online or on the back of said item for any chemicals present. We can also help you determine what is and isn't chemical waste. Don't go through the headache that disposing of hazardous waste can become, and let us handle it, it's what we do! We accept chemicals ONLY if they are correctly labeled with the original markings, no leaking or punctures, and if it is completely sealed. Chemicals we DO NOT accept include combustive material such as ammunition and explosives, halogen light bulbs, helium tanks, unopened and full oil drums, medicine, materials that contain oily water, sharps/needles, smoke detectors, toner cartridges, and lastly, we cannot accept unknown or unlabeled chemicals. Don't let chemicals clutter up your space, and if you ever need a chemical or paint removal out of your home or business, think of us at Clear Space Junk Removal, and give us a call today!

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Clear Space
Clear Space
21 ביולי 2022

Great to see employees working to keep hazards out of the garbage and recycle paint instead.

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