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Dumpsters, Overfill, and Contamination.

When trash day comes around you don't want your dumpster area looking like this:

Clear Space Junk Removal can service your overfilled dumpster area, preventing unwanted extra charges from your garbage service provider. We do it every day!

Whether you need a regular scheduled service, on call, or even daily overfill services, Clear Space can get the job done.


Overfill prevention can save you time and hassle, and we can keep your dumpster area clean and clear with our litter picking services.


Recycling can be a hassle when contaminants keep showing up before pickup day, Clear Space can keep your recycle dumpster or bins clear of waste and contamination.

Illegal Dumping

When large items that aren't yours show up on your property, leave it to us and give Clear Space a call to remove any junk present on your property, keeping dumpster areas clear of obstructions and clean before pick up day.

Regular checks

If your dumpster or compactor area tends to get overfilled by a certain point in the week or day, we can schedule regular checks to ensure your dumpster area remains clear of contaminants, large items, and prevent overfill!

Private or commercial

We offer schedule contracts for private or commercial properties if your dumpster or compactor area needs to be regularly serviced. All that we would need to do to set up a contract is visit the area, or areas, of service to determine an estimate and service schedule.

On call service

Give us a call when your dumpster area looks like it needs some cleared space at (206) 707-3733.

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