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Clear Space Litter Picking

At Clear Space Junk Removal, we pride ourselves in the clear spaces we leave behind. Clearing Space can involve removing large items, furniture, and even light demolition, but often times that isn't always enough. That's why we offer litter picking services as well, so that you can feel good about the clear spaces we leave behind, and you can take advantage of it right away. Whether it be an outdoor lot that gets dumped on, a messy dumpster area, or

just a few small items in your yard that need picking up, think of us!

Litter can stack up on property faster than you can keep up, especially outdoors where other factors such as wind, animals, and roadways can lead to a litter situation that is out of control and can even lead to State/City fines if visible to the public. Don't let it get that far; let us take a load off your back and dispose of any litter or junk professionally and responsibly. We even offer regular and repeat service contracts so that even if the mess keeps piling up, we can keep your space clear and clean, so that you can get back to what's important. It's what we do!

For our litter picking services we charge a base litter picking fee and we charge the job based on the amount it will cost to dispose of. Whether it be trash, recyclables, or even large items in a mixed load, we pass the savings on to you!

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Clear Space
Clear Space
Jul 22, 2022

Great Post!


Clear Space
Clear Space
Jul 21, 2022

Such a great job on those dumpsters! Litter picking really makes a difference.

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