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Clear Space Demolition Services

Clear Space Junk Removal handles all kinds of items to be removed, whether large or small, and often times the item in question is too large to be moved or needs to be torn down first. Luckily, we offer light demolition services for items such a sheds, hot tubs, and large wooden items.

Often times large items such as sheds or old hot tubs are left in dereliction for months or even years and it's easy to forget about it, but the space you would have in its place is hard to forget and the eye sore of it will often remind you. Think of all of that outdoor space you could have in place of your old shed or hot tub. What was once your old shed could become your new patio area or even just an open space for back yard activities, but first you got to call us! We can handle the demolition and the Junk Removal that follows, leaving you free to plan what comes next after the space is cleared. We can provide you with an in person or over the phone estimate on how much it would cost to demolish and remove, and we can do it in the same day! No need to wait around with a demolished shed in your yard, because we do it all! For items such as hot tubs we require the water be disconnected in order for us to remove it, and we may need pictures in order to properly bid your Hot Tub or Shed removal. With a hot tub removal we would have to cut it into pieces as per dump regulations, however if you already have it cut up and ready to go we pass the savings on to you!

Our stress-free Junk Removal Services can make all the difference in utilizing your outdoor spaces to the fullest this summer! Don't wait, give us a call today!

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Clear Space
Clear Space
Jul 21, 2022

Wow! What a before and after.

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