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Appliances and Furniture

There are some items that just aren't all that easy to get rid of, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. In fact, we clear all kinds of items in a junk removal including appliances and large furniture.

Fridges are a very common removal appliance, and it can be very difficult and costly to do yourself, if not outright impossible. Let us give you hand, and get it done right! We accept all types of fridges and freezer, both commercial and residential. However, we do not accept fully loaded fridges with rotten food. So, please empty out your fridge before we arrive for your scheduled fridge removal.

We accept ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers and more! So, if you have an appliance you need removed, be sure to give us a call. We offer competitive pricing for both residential and commercial appliance removals. Give us a call for more information on our pricing and scheduling.

Large furniture takes up a lot of space, and whether you're moving and can't bring it with, or if you just want it out of the way, we got your back. We accept all kinds of furniture from desks, tables, and dressers, to large cabinets and armoires. We estimate a price based on both size and weight of the items as well as accessibility. Give us call and ask about furniture removal today!

Couches! Everyone's got one, but you can't always take it with you, and they certainly don't last forever. Couches are a very common furniture that we remove, and our pricing varies depending on three factors: is it a sleeper sofa? Does it recline? And, how large is the couch/sectional set? With that information we can get you an accurate bid on your couch removal and get that couch taken care of right away!

Mattress removal, in King County especially can be a pain on your own and the extra costs to dispose of it can stack up. Save yourself the time and money by scheduling a mattress removal with Clear Space today! We accept all types and sizes of mattresses including bedframes and box springs, so nothing is stopping you from scheduling a pickup today!

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1 Comment

Clear Space
Clear Space
Jul 21, 2022

Love the variety! Junk removal covers many items.

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